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A spectacular and unforgettable adventure to Everest Base Camp”

On returning home from my trip to Everest base camp, people ask me “how was it?”. I always pause and think: “where do I start? The beautiful forests, the wonderful sounds of yak bells, and the things I learnt from my guide Min Nepali. There was so much awesomeness; it’s very difficult to convey what happened in the two and bit weeks I had with Nepal Mountain Trekkers.
A good start is Nepal Mountain Trekkers organization and friendliness. From the very first contact I made with Ramesh Dhakal there was a good tailoring of the trek to our needs. All matters were well explained and no stone left unturned in Nepal Mountain Trekkers organisation. The adjustment of the holiday to our needs was constant throughout, with our guide Min Nepali was able to change our programmer throughout the trek to adapt to all our wishes. Min acted in a caring and friendly manner throughout the trip.
The accommodation was excellent the whole way up the mountain, the food and drinks options were good (and very filling – I now have a new found love for Dal Baht and yak meat!) and there was plenty of opportunity to meet others travelers and have interesting convivial conversation. Our guide, Min became both a friend as well as our guide 🙂 He was extremely knowledgeable about the environment, enlightening us on our trek on mountain eights, Tibetan culture, and plants. Truly a Renaissance man of the Manaslu Himalayas areas
I heartily recommend anyone considering a trip the Himalayas find these Nepal Mountain Trekkers team to get the most memorable experiences out of your time!

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