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Mount Everest View Trak – The perfect trak to the table of the world –

I describe our trip to the Mount Everest View point with one word: AMAZING
Everything was perfect. During our trek we had the whole time a comfortable feeling. We arrived in Kathmandu and our guide picked us up at the airport and joined us to our hotel. The hotel was beautiful. It is a small paradise inside Kathmandu. We had the feeling like home. (Hotel Horizon Kathmandu)
Our trip starts on the next day with a fly to Lukla. The first adventure during our trip. After the arrival in Lukla we start our trek with the target Mount Everest view hotel. The landscape during the whole time was amazing. We need three days to arrive the hotel. During this time we slept in Tea Houses and the organization was blameless. After the arriving we had the perfect view to the Mount Everest. The feeling was amazing during this moment. We had the perfect Landscape with all the great peaks. On the next day we started the trek back to Lukla and flight back to Kathmandu on the next morning.
During the trip we had a comfortable feeling. Everything was perfect. Are you watching for a one week trip with the perfect landscape and the final view to the Mount Everest? Take this trek. But the trek was more than an amazing landscape and the Mount Everest. You can feel the peaceful atmosphere in the mountains of Nepal and you have a lot of contact to the native people. These people are really amazing.
Thank you to the Team of Nepal Mountain Trekkers. Thank you to Ramesh and to Bisang .It was beautiful.

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