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Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal Travel Guide for tourists interested in traveling to Nepal. This article includes information to be considered before traveling to Nepal.

Traveling in Nepal will be a definite adventure for travel enthusiasts around the world. Whether it is a few short days for a sightseeing tour or a long trekking adventure into the grand Himalayas. Traveling, in general, will be an exciting adventure for everyone – no matter what their current age, nationality, or physical capabilities. There’s everything for everyone in Nepal. From the Southern Terai belt with lush green jungles filled with exotic wild animals, to the thrilling landscapes of snow-capped landscapes in the northern territories of Nepal.

What to expect during the Nepal Trip?

Nepal has its own unique, beautiful, fascinating history and culture that can simply overwhelm you with a feeling of enchantment. The entire region of Nepal is full of diversity. No matter where you go, there will always be something new and fresh waiting for you. Hence, I can proudly claim that you will never be bored during your travel days in Nepal. With incredibly fun and friendly local people, travelers can enjoy a relaxing travel experience in Nepal. Without worrying about a place to sleep for the night as there are technically numerous teahouses and lodges inside the trekking trails.

Things to do before Traveling to Nepal

However, you do have to consider some extra measures before flying off to Nepal, including some Nepal Travel Guides. First and foremost, as a traveler who simply wants to come, explore, and return without any sort of complications, you have to do proper documentation of the country you are traveling to. Meaning, you have to get a legally approved Passport and Nepalese Visa which might not take you much time. After that, you have to consider the things which you are planning to take with you during your traveling. Keep your packing list short. Don’t override it with nonsense stuff that might not come in handy while you stay in Nepal.

In addition to that, you need to keep in mind that, many of the things needed for your journey will be available in Nepal. The place where you plan on staying which might be Thamel will have all the needed fancy shops and markets for you to buy clothes and equipment. Next, you have to get a hand with the right trekking permits if you are planning to go on a trek. Otherwise, that’s not necessary at all. If you wish to go for some paragliding or rafting, then sure just get in touch with a legal tour operator and they will handle the rest for you. Of course, you have to go and do some dealings with them but you will eventually have your part of the deal.

Travel Insurance | Nepal Travel Guide

Last, of all, you simply can’t forget to take care of your health while traveling. You have to focus on what you are eating before embarking on trekking activities. Especially if you have any suspicion about the quality of the food. In addition to that, you must consider hiring a guide for a trek to some isolated rural regions of Nepal. But before these things, you have to get yourself dependable travel insurance. The insurance shall cover your expenses/losses that can occur while traveling. You might have to rescue due to injury or something else and it can take helicopters to do so, which is pretty expensive. Therefore, have your travel insurance with you before coming to Nepal.