Visit Incredible India!

India is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of area and population. It covers almost the entire area of Europe. It is comprised of 26 states, 6 union territories with more than 844 dialects and 17 major languages; making this country culturally extremely diverse. Joining one of our India tours is a great way to visit, learn and explore this incredible country.

Whether it be the popular golden triangle tour from Delhi to Agra, Jaipur and back to Delhi or a visit to the beautiful beaches of Goa, from the Himalayan delights of Kashmir to Darjeeling, the queen of the hills at Darjeeling, India offers the best and most delightful of cultural and religious tours. Mumbai is the largest city and the economic hub of the country, this place also has its own culture of cricket and Bollywood. Embark on an India tour in order to meet new people, learn new languages, taste new varieties of food; explore the cultural and natural aspects of this nation with Nepal Mountain Trekkers.