Trekking Styles

Trekking in Nepal is organized mainly in two styles. One style is tea house treks and the other one is tented camping treks. The styles of trekking depend on personal choice but mostly it is determined by trekking destination, its popularity, difficulty and the services available on the trail. These two types of trekking are explained as follows:

Tea House Trekking / Lodge to Lodge Trekking:

Tea house trekking or lodge to lodge trekking is most common and widely used on popular trekking trails especially in the Everest and Annapurna regions. The main idea of tea house trekking is that the trekker along with his team will be staying every night at a teahouse at each destination during the entire period of the trek. All of the basic facilities from meals to rooms/accommodation and other facilities will be offered at teahouses.

Usually we start our day by 7 to 8 am in the morning after breakfast, have our lunch around noon and reach our next teahouse for dinner and overnight stay by 5 to 6 pm. Along our way, tea house trekking also gives equal chance to capture the best Himalayan landscape views, and grab the best of nature and culture while trekking in Nepal. Also usually teahouse trekking is cheaper than tented camping trekking.

Tented Camping Trekking:

Generally whenever we talk about trekking, the image of setting up tented camps and a campfire comes in our mind. And tented camping treks are preferred by those who love to have even more adventure off the beaten paths, around remote parts of Nepal which are less visited, unspoiled and offer an authentic raw trekking experience.

During tented camping trekking, all of the trekking equipment and gear needed for setting up tents and preparing meals will be carried by many porters. There will be a huge trekking crew that includes trekking cook, porters, helpers, trekking guide and leader. It will be like one huge family on a trip. You get to have different delicious meals every day which might not be available on tea house trekking. Also a tented camping trek gives different, unique and real experiences  of trekking that we can usually only dream about.

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