Terms and Conditions

Nepal Mountain Trekkers is a Private Limited Company under the laws of the Government of Nepal and Nepal Tourism Board. We accept the bookings from our clients under the following Terms and Conditions. Hence, we would like to humbly request our clients to go through these Terms and Conditions thoroughly before proceeding ahead in making any bookings of trekking, tours, mountaineering, peak climbing or any other activities to avoid disputes in the future.

Contract Policy

The customers are obliged to provide us with scanned copies of their passport and at least 25% payment of the total trip cost in advance as a deposit in order to book any trips with Nepal Mountain Trekkers. Please be noted that the deposit amount is nonrefundable. Whereas, you can pay the rest of the amount upon your arrival in Kathmandu before proceeding with the trip or you can pay the total amount in lump sum whichever is suitable for you.

Payment Policy

The payment should be made in the standard currency which is authorized and accepted by Nepal Rastra Bank/Government of Nepal.

  • Mode of PaymentYou can either make the payment via Cards, we accept VISA, MasterCard, JCT, UniPay and SCT but the bank will charge 3.75% service charge on the top of your total amount while making payment via cards. And though the sources of online payment like PayPal are not valid in Nepal and you cannot make online payment while you are in Nepal, we do have an agent in Germany so you can also make the payment via PayPal.
    You can also make the payment via Bank Deposit, whichever you find suitable to do. Please be noted that the bank might charge internal services charges so we would like to strongly advise our clients to make payment in order to ensure that our company will receive the total amount of trip cost.
  • Bank DetailsOur details for Bank deposit for USD:
    Bank Account Holder Name
    : Nepal Mountain Trekkers Pvt. Ltd.
    Bank Account No.: 01905816240022
    Type of account: Current account
    Bank Address:
    KSK Building Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal
    O.Box no.: 20590
    Ph. no.: 00977-1-4253729, Fax no.: 00977-1-4253054

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation by client
    • In order to cancel the trip, the client is must obliged to alert Nepal Mountain Trekkers one month before the trip departure date with real reasons with logic. However, 10% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation cost in such cases. As well as, if the clients failed to inform us before one month then with 20% additional payment on the total trip cost as cancellation cost, the trip can be cancelled 20 days prior to the trip departure date. Otherwise, we won’t be liable to make the refund for the payment since the deposit amount of the client would be already used in the arrangement of services like accommodation, guides and so on.
  • Cancellation by NMT
    • In case of uncontrollable factors such as natural calamities, political instability, and so on, Nepal Mountain Trekkers hold a right to cancel the trip with prior notice to the clients. In this situation, the clients will be requested to wait and postpone their trek or will be provided with another trip of the same cost so that the payment of our clients won’t go waste.
  • Trip Alteration or Termination by Reasons Beyond Control
    • If the clients would like to make any alternation in the trip like postponing the trip date or making changes in the itinerary as well as alternating the entire trip with another one because of any reason with real logic then with a prior notice a week before the trip departure date, they can proceed for it. Please be noted that, while alternating the trip with another trip, the trip with a higher cost than the trip they have booked will require making the additional payment.

Last Minute Booking

Nepal Mountain Trekkers also facilitate our clients with last-minute bookings, which means that you can also book the trip a week before the trip departure date. But it might not be acceptable in some of the trips.

Child Policy

In the case of child travellers, the responsibility will belong to their guardian and not our company. And though the cost for trekking will not be charged, the cost of flight tickets and so on will be charged for the children above 5 years.

Disabled Person

Nepal Mountain Trekkers facilitate disabled persons to go on trips in which there are proper safety and no risks for them. As well as, a disabled person will get a total refund without cancellation charge in case they want to cancel their trips. But the documents or evidence of proof are required for that.

Early return policy/Incomplete Tour

In case if you ought to return earlier before finishing your trip due to any kind of reason then Nepal Mountain Trekkers will not be liable to make any refunds of your trip cost. Except for the reason occurred due to the failure of our company. The company will refund deducting the expenses that occurred in cases of the failure of the company.

Postpone the trip

The clients must notify Nepal Mountain Trekkers 10 days before the trip departure date in case they need to postpone their trip due to any reason. If they fail to send us the notice prior to 10 days of trip departure then they will be charged an additional 20% of the trip cost for postponing the trip.

Whereas, Nepal Mountain Trekkers holds a right to postpone the trip with an earlier notice to the client in case of reasons beyond control like natural calamities, political instability, and unconditional weather in order to prevent unwanted risks during the trip.

Travel Insurance

Since it is not possible to get insurance in Nepal for foreigners, it is recommended to get insured before you make your trip to Nepal. Please be sure that you are insured with the insurance policy that covers the following expenses:

  1. Medical expenses and hospital benefit
  2. Personal accident and liability
  3. Cancelling and cutting short your holidays
  4. Abandoning your trip
  5. Delayed departure
  6. Accommodation cover
  7. Scheduled airline failure
  8. Emergency repatriation (including helicopter rescue and air ambulance where applicable)
  9. Personal belongings and baggage

Well, it is not compulsory to be insured but as we already know “Prevention is better than cure”. If you are insured then you can have a relaxed trip without worries and enjoy with a free mind.

Flight Delay and Cancellation

Due to unconditional weather, the flights are often delayed and cancelled in Nepal. In such cases, Nepal Mountain Trekkers will not be liable for any additional expenses. Hence, we would like to request our clients to be prepared with some buffer days and additional money for the recovery of such cases.

Changes in the itinerary

Due to the reasons like natural forces or any other causes beyond our control, in case if it doesn’t seem to be appropriate to follow up with the provided itinerary, Nepal Mountain Trekkers holds a right to amend it with logical reason and agreement with the clients. Whereas, our clients are provided with the freedom to make amendments to the existing itinerary as per their requirements.

Medical Conditions and Health Requirements

Our clients are requested to inform us about the pre-existing medical conditions or any disability which might be a factor of risk for the trip as well as it is recommended to our clients to visit their physician for a health report before proceeding to trip departure in order to prevent health risk during the trip. Whereas, some of the trips are unfavourable for some people due to factors like age, pregnancy, physical or mental disorder and so on.

It is strongly noted that Nepal Mountain Trekkers will not be responsible for the cancellation or failure of the trip due to the unwarned health condition of the clients. It is also noted that our company will not be liable for any injuries and health conditions suffered by the clients during the trek for which we recommend to be insured before their trip departure.


Nepal Mountain Trekkers can make revisions and updates in the terms and conditions anytime. We won’t be responsible for not alerting the clients for the changes and it is requested that our clients should keep updated with any changes in these terms and conditions.

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