A visit to the Land of the Thunder Dragon!

Bhutan is a small yet most beautiful kingdom very rich in culture and blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. It is also popularly known as the land of the Thunder Dragon or the land of the last Shangri- La. Bhutan is still known as an isolated region untouched by western culture and civilization. Buddhism is the major religion of the country and every traveler gets to explore Buddhism at its best; visiting spectacular monasteries, Dzongs, museums, palaces, art centers, and painting schools. Local festivals are another highlight of Bhutan that attracts many visitors from all around the world.

There are various delightful cultural tours, festival tours, and adventurous treks that can be experienced in Bhutan. With the Himalayas on the northern side of the country, dense forests cover most of the land area which is very rich in flora and fauna. Therefore visiting Bhutan will give you cultural highlights, insight into their history, art, and architecture, and an opportunity to explore the unexplored in this mysterious land of the Thunder Dragon.