Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing is one of the most adventurous activities to experience in the Himalayan country of Nepal. It will give you an immense feeling of achievement, success, and accomplishment. Nepal is an ideal place for joining peak climbing trips as there are more than fifteen hundred climbing peaks. Including top-of-the-world Mt. Everest welcoming adventure lovers from all around the world.

But peak climbing in Nepal with us refers to climbing the snow-capped peaks allowed by the Nepal Mountaineering Association; not like Everest expeditions. Among the many popular peak climbing adventures in Nepal are Island Peak, Lobuche Peak, Mera Peak, Tharpu Chuli Peak, Chulu East, Far East Peak, Naya Kanga Peak, and Pisang Peak, etc. Climbing in Nepal is one step above trekking in Nepal. For joining climbing in Nepal previous trekking experience is recommended with basic knowledge of using ice axe, crampons, jumar, ropes, etc.

However, for beginners, extensive training and instructions are provided before pushing for the summit of a peak. Therefore, climbing in Nepal has something adventurous to offer for both beginners and those with previous experience. Physical fitness with proper acclimatization and support from professional Sherpas are the key to success for peak climbing adventures. Therefore, plan for your climbing trips with Nepal Mountain Trekkers. Have a quick look at our programs below and if you have anything you want to ask about these trips then contact us now.