Environment and Society Responsive

Organizing a trip is not just about satisfying the customers and earning profits. NMT believes that we must respect and be concerned about our nature and society. Hence, our activities should have positive and promoting impacts on our environment and society.  NMT uses environment-friendly equipment and bioproducts as well as runs a timely campaign to provide awareness for the conservation of the environment. Our team is very responsible for environmental conservation during every treks and tour.

Moreover, we provide employment to the native people as per their knowledge and ability for the welfare of society. This is why most of our trekking staff are familiar with the area of trekking. Whereas, we are also involved in various social works including “Bright Future for Children” contributing a certain amount of our profit. Along with that, 5% of our annual profit is distributed among all the staff of our company and 5% is used for contribution in various social work activities.

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