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Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal Travel Guide for tourists interested in traveling to Nepal. This article includes information to be considered before traveling to Nepal.

Traveling in Nepal will be a definite adventure for travel enthusiasts around the world. Whether it is a few short days for a sightseeing tour or a long trekking adventure into the grand Himalayas. Traveling, in general, will be an exciting adventure for everyone – no matter what their current age, nationality, or physical capabilities. There’s everything for everyone in Nepal. From the Southern Terai belt with lush green jungles filled with exotic wild animals, to the thrilling landscapes of snow-capped landscapes in the northern territories of Nepal.

What to expect during the Nepal Trip?

Nepal has its own unique, beautiful, fascinating history and culture that can simply overwhelm you with a feeling of enchantment. The entire region of Nepal is full of diversity. No matter where you go, there will always be something new and fresh waiting for you. Hence, I can proudly claim that you will never be bored during your travel days in Nepal. With incredibly fun and friendly local people, travelers can enjoy a relaxing travel experience in Nepal. Without worrying about a place to sleep for the night as there are technically numerous teahouses and lodges inside the trekking trails.

Things to do before Traveling to Nepal

However, you do have to consider some extra measures before flying off to Nepal, including some Nepal Travel Guides. First and foremost, as a traveler who simply wants to come, explore, and return without any sort of complications, you have to do proper documentation of the country you are traveling to. Meaning, you have to get a legally approved Passport and Nepalese Visa which might not take you much time. After that, you have to consider the things which you are planning to take with you during your traveling. Keep your packing list short. Don’t override it with nonsense stuff that might not come in handy while you stay in Nepal.

In addition to that, you need to keep in mind that, many of the things needed for your journey will be available in Nepal. The place where you plan on staying which might be Thamel will have all the needed fancy shops and markets for you to buy clothes and equipment. Next, you have to get a hand with the right trekking permits if you are planning to go on a trek. Otherwise, that’s not necessary at all. If you wish to go for some paragliding or rafting, then sure just get in touch with a legal tour operator and they will handle the rest for you. Of course, you have to go and do some dealings with them but you will eventually have your part of the deal.

Travel Insurance | Nepal Travel Guide

Last, of all, you simply can’t forget to take care of your health while traveling. You have to focus on what you are eating before embarking on trekking activities. Especially if you have any suspicion about the quality of the food. In addition to that, you must consider hiring a guide for a trek to some isolated rural regions of Nepal. But before these things, you have to get yourself dependable travel insurance. The insurance shall cover your expenses/losses that can occur while traveling. You might have to rescue due to injury or something else and it can take helicopters to do so, which is pretty expensive. Therefore, have your travel insurance with you before coming to Nepal.

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During a trek in Nepal, what food should you expect?

Expect authentic food during the trek to Nepal. Nepal’s diversified population includes people from many cast, religions, and cultures, which is highly fascinating. Ever since the community was unified, there has been peace. Every distinctive commune has its own style of living and distinct and unique cuisine. You can definitely keep your belly satisfied for a while by munching on some light crumbs. However, your body will soon be craving meals after long hours of strenuous trekking through the rugged terrain.

There are a whole lot of options that you can choose from to fulfill your hungry belly. Fast food, such as pizza and burgers, is also available on the menu. In addition to fast cuisine, you can relish an outburst of authentic flavor that will astound you.

What food to really expect during treks?

Expectations shouldn’t be too high because the food served on walking trails is typically not fancy. Yet even the most basic foods will surprise you. The locals will prepare with all their love and serve you with the best hospitality. For a moment you will feel that you are back home enjoying your meal. Let me introduce you to some of the basic food eaten during the treks.


Breakfast without a doubt is the most important meal of the day. The Tibetan flatbread will definitely please your empty tummy. You can eat it with an omelet or else if you have a sweet tooth it tastes better with honey as well. However, the breakfast choice is not limited, you can choose from a different variety from the menu.


MoMo” is another genuine dish you can enjoy for lunch (A dumpling stuffed with savory meat filling served with achar). You can choose French fries as a side dish, but limit how much you eat because too much of it will make it difficult to hike.



You will be familiar with the expression “Daal-Bhat power 24 hours” by the time you have walked for one or two days. It is a staple of the common Nepali diet. The majority of Nepalis consume it twice daily, which offers them the energy they need for work. Dal Bhat, which consists of rice, lentil soup curries (vegetable or meat), and a flavorful pickle that will undoubtedly tickle your taste bud.

Dhido, a meal made by gradually adding flour to boiling water and combining it until the result is stiff, is another food that will surprise you. Make a small ball with one’s finger, dip it in (lentil soup, meat soup, gundruk) and eat it without swallowing. It tastes better with chutney!

Here are only a few of the typical staple foods. Don’t miss the chance to discover and expect authentic food from a diverse Nepalese community while you are in Kathmandu.

Sneha Dongol

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Trekking in Winter?

Trekking in winter may sound absurd. Traveling in winter is surely challenging for many of us. Many travelers are out there exploring the snow-capped mountain summits, meanwhile, the chilly weather sets in, and the majority of us remain snug in our beds. How thrilling is it to step outside of your comfort zone and carry out something entirely different? It sounds insane but also overwhelming. You will undoubtedly feel empowered after completing a trek because it’s a huge accomplishment.

In Nepal, the winter season begins in December and often lasts through mid-late February. It is possible for the temperature to fall below 0 degrees Celsius and occasionally even lower. This is typically the time of year when snow falls in the mountainous area. The wonderful scenic vistas are presumably what the tourists wish to see throughout the journey, but regrettably, the visibility of such views is very low in the winter season. Despite all the challenges, the traveler has a wide variety of choices from which to choose and begin their trek. With the proper gear, equipment and guidance there is nothing that is achievable. Since there are many short hiking paths in Nepal, allow us to thoroughly walk you through a few of them.

Ghorepani- Poonhill Trek

The Poonhill Trek, one of the easiest hikes that may be completed during the winter season easily, will probably cover the Annapurna Sanctuary. Better teahouses and guesthouses can be found along the Poonhill Trek path, which is well-routed. The walk can be completed without a guide because of its modest level of difficulty.

The 4- to 5-day Ghorepani-Poonhill walk begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, followed by a Starting from Nayapul, we go on our trek. We arrive at an elevation of 1480 meters, which will allow us to spend the night in Tikhedhunga, and the main attractions of this hike can be the beautiful landscapes. The following day, we will hike from Tikheydhunga to Ghorepani, reaching a height of 2860 meters. The next morning, we will be hiking to Poonhill which will roughly take 45 minutes to endure the sunrise along with the panoramic view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu ranges. After spending some time, we reach back to Ghorepani for breakfast and thereafter hike 5-6 hours to Tadhapani. The next morning, we trek to Ghandruk, have lunch there and explore the beautiful Gurung village and head back to Pokhara.

Mardi Himal Trek

Another pristine yet easy trek that anyone can do is Mardi Himal Trek. This trek will primarily cover the Annapurna region. Usually, the journey takes five days to complete. Although it is possible to complete the walk with some assistance, the difficulty level is more likely to be severe during the winter.

We take a flight/ private vehicle or tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara, then drive to Kande, where we begin our trek. After hiking for roughly 5 to 6 hours on this particular day, we reach Pitan Deurali (2100m) via Australian Base Camp (2060m). We hike the next day at the same pace, which will take us to Low Camp (2985m). From thereon, the next destination will be High Camp (3550m)which will take about 3-4 hours of hike. The fourth day will most probably be the longest hours of walking as we reach Mardi Base Camp (4500m). Take time in the mesmerizing mountain-top, and then have lunch and hike back to Badal Danda. Overnight at lodge. On the final day, we have breakfast and walk our way through Siding, which takes about 4 hours of trekking. After lunch, we drive to Pokhara and night stay at the hotel.

Ghandruk Trek

Ghandruk treks often cover the Gurung community in the Annapurna region, where guest-friendly atmosphere hospitality services are basically provided. As you stroll around, you may observe the variety of flora and animals, which adds to the area’s beauty. This location’s vibrant culture is another distinctive aspect that shouldn’t be missed.

The majority of the four-day Ghandruk trek is moderate in difficulty, and it’s also quite an interesting one. After arriving in Kathmandu, we take a private bus, aircraft, or tourist bus to Pokhara and take a jeep to get to Nayapul (1070m). On this day, we trek toward Ghandruk, our destination for the day’s end. As we move along, we pass stunning landscapes like Hiunchuli, the Annapurna South, and the fishtail. The next day, we walk at the same pace and ascend to Landruk Village (1,545 m), from which the trail pleasantly climbs to Tolkha. Following the Bherikharka trails, the climb to Deurali is difficult (2,100m). Spend the night in Tolkha. We leave Tolkhe and travel to the Gurung-dominated settlement of Dhampus, where we spend the night. On the last day of the trek, we head to Phedi which will roughly take us 2-3 hours, and return back to Kathmandu.

Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking

The Chisapani Nagarkot trek is yet another short one. The distance between Nagarkot and Kathmandu is only about 29 km, making it a convenient location for both a night’s rest and exciting excursions. Views over the Kathmandu valley and Shivapuri National Park allow visitors to see all of the mountain ranges, including the Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling, and Mahalangur ranges.

Upon your arrival in Kathmandu, one of our representatives will meet you at the airport. After lunch, we can visit Basantapur Durbar Square, a World Heritage Site, to learn more about the local way of life and culture. The following day, we go by private vehicle for an hour to Sunjarijal, where our hike begins. Starting from here, we gradually walk through the stone steps of Sundarijal, passing by a beautiful waterfall, and a temple before entering the Shivapuri National Park. The following day, we get ready for our journey, make our way gradually toward Nagarkot, and halt at Jule. Following that, we gradually climb to Nagarkot’s hilltop, which is famed for its breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. We can enjoy the sunset with some light refreshments once we arrive. On the last day, we take a detour to Changunarayan, another World Heritage Site on our way back.

Sikles Trek

The Sikles trek begins as we travel from Kathmandu to the picturesque, blessed-with-nature city of Pokhara. From there, we take a short drive to Milan Chowk and begin our climb toward Kharpani. At Kharpani, we can immerse ourselves in warm water and take use of a natural hot spring. We continue our trek through Parche, a stunning Gurung village, Ghalegaun, and finally Sikles. Here, at an elevation of about 2,000 meters, we have fantastic views of Lamjung Himal and Annapurna. At Sikles, we investigate the Gurung communities’ customs, culture, and way of life. How do they conduct their daily lives and observe their festivals? How do they participate in the production of regional crafts? A highly interesting and enjoyable hobby would be experiencing and learning all of these things.

Sneha Dongol

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Light of hope on Nepal Tourism with On-Arrival VISA and Quarantine Removal

Thursday, 23rd Sept 2021, The Government of Nepal has finally announced a piece of hopeful and consoling news which we travel agents and the travel enthusiast interested to travel in Nepal have been waiting for a long time. Finally, after a long wait, the mandatory quarantine rule of 10 days after arrival in Kathmandu is relaxed and thrown away. Along with that, the concerned authorities have also declared to resume providing the On-Arrival Visa to the travelers which were restricted since the pandemic began. Prior to this official notice, the travelers were obliged to get their entry permits from the respective Nepali diplomatic missions, and also stay in a mandatory 10 days quarantine in the government-listed hotels.

However, the easing of these strict restrictions does not imply to all the travelers. It is valid for only those travelers who have already received the full dosages of the vaccination against Covid, at least 14 days before their travel dates. The travelers who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated are not able to get the on-arrival VISA and still follow the previous guidelines for getting the Visa.

While on the other hand, there are still certain rules and regulations which are implied upon the travelers despite being vaccinated.

The updated rules to be practiced by the vaccinated tourist are as follows:

The updated rules to be practiced by the non-vaccinated tourist are as follows:

For more details:

Ultimately, the disrupted travel and tourism industry of Nepal is getting light of hope for recovery and reviving. While the streets of Kathmandu and the trekking and mountaineering trails should have been full of tourists in this season, there are scarcely a few foreign tourists in the Nepali territory because of the pandemic and travel restrictions. Now, with the easing of the On-arrival Visa procedure and removal of the quarantine rule, travel lovers could visit Nepal without any hassle from September 2021 onwards. After a long hectic and exhausting period of more than 2 years, the nature and travel lovers are able to explore the untouched beauty of Nepal and we at Nepal Mountain Trekkers are keenly waiting to welcome all the travel enthusiasts to Nepal for a relaxing, revitalizing, and remarkable experience of a lifetime.

Thank you for reading the post and if you would like to explore travel and tours packages in Nepal, you can browse through our web portal: or directly contact us via email. And, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestion regarding this post. Have a wonderful time ahead!

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Why travelling is important for your health?

The hectic life, busy schedule, loads of work, pressure and pressure, and pressure.

Are you tired of your everyday lifestyle and facing difficulties in handling stress? Well, the best and ultimate natural solution to handle this kind of depressive feeling is to travel and explore.

What does research say about Traveling?

According to research, travel lowers your stress and helps to improve productivity at work. As well as traveling helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and many other diseases. Whereas you’ll be fit and fine physically as well as mentally if you frequently travel.

Well, traveling is the best way to explore more about nature, history, culture, lifestyle, foods, and many more. But apart from that, it is very important and necessary for your health as well. While you travel, you’ll learn a lot of things. You’ll get refreshment and of course, physical exercise as well which will help you to stay away from negative vibes and achieve positive vibes which is the most essential thing for every individual.

Types of Travelers and their Purposes

Some people take traveling as a passion or hobby and some are compelled to travel whereas some travel as a requirement of their profession. Whatever the reason is humans are meant to travel. To explore, discover, and catch positivity from around the world and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

If you don’t travel and stay bound within a place then it’s obvious that your knowledge and ideas will be limited. You will be stressed and it may lead to negative thoughts and all that. Along with that, your physical health won’t get a chance to get refreshments and adequate exercise. So, traveling is very important for every person, depending on available time and ability to travel.

Everyone needs some time on their own or with their dearest ones, far from the crowd and hectic lifestyle to enjoy the freedom and the real meaning of life, or maybe to get some peace. If you love to explore lifestyle and culture and things related to it, you can travel to different places and spend your time doing what you love to do.

Travel Plans in Nepal: The Himalayan Nation with Diverse Culture

If you love nature, you can travel to the Himalayas, enjoy mountain sceneries, inhale fresh air, and get the feeling of peace of mind. Likewise, there is a variety of options to choose from according to the nature of the traveler to travel and fulfill their desire. You just need to contact us (Nepal Mountain Trekkers) and let us know your requirements. And then we will be providing you with the best options.

Nepal Mountain Trekkers is a trekking company operated by highly dedicated and experienced staff and we possess a deep understanding of all the tourist destinations in Nepal. Well, you will get the feeling of lifetime achievement, adventure excitement, and endless joy while traveling with us. We assure you about that. So, don’t think much and avoid all the negative vibes. We’ll make the best and memorable trip for you and you’ll surely enjoy it.  When you return, you’ll clear all the stress and frustration, putting a smile on your face, lifetime memories in your heart and brain, and an amazing friendship with our team.

You can visit our official website: or

Or write us an email at

Thank you!

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9 reasons You must visit Upper Mustang once in your Lifetime

“Visit Upper Mustang, at least, once in your lifetime”

Mustang, an ancient Kingdom of Lo, is a remote and secluded province in the Himalayas of Nepal. Existing within the boundary of Nepal and Tibet, the region is mostly influenced by Tibetan Culture and Lifestyle in the higher altitudes. Due to its distant existence, Upper Mustang is sealed by segregation from the outer world. The people and their lifestyle, the language they speak, their foods and clothes as well as the houses they live in the Upper Mustang are disparate to the usual world. But what makes it so distinctive and appealing that every year millions of people are fanatical about Upper Mustang Trekking? Well, this question might arise for those who have heard about Upper Mustang but have not been there yet. So, we are here with 9 incredible factors behind the gigantic popularity of Upper Mustang Trek.

Desert-like landscape – the cold desert

The desert-like landscape of Upper Mustang despite the fact that it is in the Himalayas is a matter of wonder. The sandy and windy trails with prayer flags blowing flawlessly on the cold desert with Chortens and other small monuments standing along the trail is what one can experience only at Mustang.

Inimitable History

Mustang once was an independent kingdom, despite the fact that the culture and language were highly influenced by Tibetan culture. Mustang was an ancient salt trade route and had ruled over the trades between the Himalayas and India from the 15th to 17th century before it was invaded by Nepal and became part of Nepal’s empire in 1795.

Restricted Area

The Upper Mustang was a restricted demilitarized area before 1992. This is the reason; the Upper Mustang is one of the most preserved regions in the world. Nowadays, visitors are required to have issued special permits for Upper Mustang Restricted Area. As well as Annapurna Conservation Area Permit to legally visit this region.

Mountain Panorama

Upper Mustang is the best spot to observe the eye-dazzling panoramic view of Mountain Ranges including the mighty Annapurna ranges and Dhaulagiri ranges. As well, some of the peaks like Sarebong, Thorong La, and so on could also be noticed from Upper Mustang.

The holy and spiritual Muktinath

Muktinath, the holy and spiritual spot for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages is the foremost reason that people often consider visiting Mustang as a sacred activity. There is a belief that taking a bath in the 108 taps of Muktinath will wash away your sins. And there is a natural hot spring i.e. Tatopani which is supposed to heal any kind of aches as well as wash away the sins.

Arts beyond imagination

While you are visiting Upper Mustang, it is very frequent to perceive Mani Walls and Mani Stones. It is because there are numerous Buddhist Monasteries along the trail. But one of the most enchanting and alluring parts of visiting Upper Mustang is the exotic arts and the red monastery which has its own magnetism.

Myths and Legends

It is obvious that every place has its own importance and beliefs. Moreover, the myths and legends regarding various events and activities are something worth analyzing. Upper Mustang has a huge range of myths and legends to offer you, what are you waiting for? Moreover, there is a very auspicious festival called Tiji Festival which is celebrated during March and has its own cultural significance and impact.

Rain Shadow Area

Unlike other trekking destinations, Upper Mustang doesn’t have any boundary or time frame. Tourists can visit Upper Mustang anytime around the year because Upper Mustang lies in the rain shadow area and receives much less rainfall, even during monsoons.

Effortless Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is relatively very easy and shorter than any of the treks in Nepal. Similar or fewer opportunities to explore make it the prime destination for trekking in Nepal. Likewise, Upper Mustang is fully accessible by road so everyone can trek Upper Mustang despite age, fitness, and other boundaries.

Moreover, the Mustang Valley of Nepal was listed as one of the best places to go in 2023 by CNN Travel.

Thank you for reading this article about reasons to visit Upper Mustang once in a lifetime! Please feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions regarding this article.

– AviMan();

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Explore the Nepal Himalayas with our Heli Tour

There is no doubt that Nepal is a nation full of extreme diversity. From its ever-friendly people to its magnificent Himalayas; there will always be something fascinating about Nepal for you to have a look at. In the north lies the most popular mountain range in the world – the Himalayas. And that has attracted tons of new travelers each year. Whether it is trekking or a full-fledged climbing expedition; the Himalayas are the best place to quench your thirst for adventure in Nepal.

Heli Tours in Nepal vs Trekking in Nepal

Trekking can be a fun way to spend your time in the Himalayas. You will get to observe and learn about different ethnic communities and travel to unknown lands. And create some amazing travel memories while doing so. However, there’s a drawback to trekking. If you have less time to explore Nepal or aren’t physically fit enough to reach the Himalayas yourself, then you can simply go do the Heli tour which can save you time and effort.

View of peaks from a Helicopter during the Everest Heli Tour Nepal

Himalayas Helicopter tours are the second-best thing for travelers who want to travel the uncharted territories of Nepal. Though trekking is the right way to experience nature, culture, and people of different regions. It may not be suitable for everyone who wishes to spend their vacation in Nepal.

Due to this, travelers have the added option to choose a Heli tour in Nepal. Which can take them to their desired destination with ease and comfort. You will be able to do a lot more in a short time by going on a trip by Helicopter.

Everest Heli Tour

Foreign travelers who want to go to Everest Base Camp normally go trekking through Lukla, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, and so on. However, it can take at least 12 days to do so. If you don’t have the time required to complete the trek, you will eventually have to choose our Everest Heli Tour.

A Heli Tour can fly you off directly to Everest Base Camp and get you back to Kathmandu the same day if you have no time to spend. But it can also help you get back to Kathmandu after reaching the Everest Base Camp without the need to travel back down to Lukla.

Everest Helicopter Tour

Possible Heli Tours in Nepal

Not only that but by choosing a Heli tour, you even get to travel to other destinations in Nepal. Travelers can fly off to Upper Mustang, Dolpa region, or Annapurna Base Camp. There are no limitations as long as you go on a Heli Tour.

Furthermore, you get to watch the glorious Himalayas at the action through the window seats of your Helicopter and enjoy a scenic view that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. So, what are you waiting for? There’s no excuse why you shouldn’t go on a Himalayas Helicopter tour. Get in touch with us to get information and plan a Heli Tour in Nepal in 2024.

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What is Mustang Famous for?

“Serenity of treeless panorama with nonetheless authentic travel experience.”

North of the Himalayan nation, Mustang lies at a very focal point where historical & natural abundance can be found. Even though it is located inside the national territory of Nepal, Mustang has been influenced by its neighboring districts of Tibet. Therefore, it has accumulated a lot of Tibetan norms and customs from the autonomous region of Tibet. Anyway, as you can see by the nature of the topic for this blog, I have decided to share my thoughts on why the Mustang region of Nepal is so famous throughout. So, with any further delay let’s get on with it.

When we talk about Mustang, we in the general Nepalese population tend to discuss it in a very appropriate manner as possible. Straddling the Himalayas onto the Tibetan plains, one can easily find Mustang which once was a very privileged the Lo Kingdom. Simply its location becomes a major part of its mysticism which makes travelers even more enthusiastic about this place. In specialty, the Mustang region is easily a distinct part of Nepal where the terrains, landscape, topography, and ethnicity arise in accordance with Tibet. Nonetheless, it has several captivating features which include the Marshyangdi River and Kali Gandaki Canyon.

One can surely feel hypnotized by the serenity of Mustang’s vast landscape and its affectionate local people who live in a very different way than those of modern societies. The local delicacies can also become an incredible experience for travelers who like tasting and experiencing new things while their visit. Not only that but travelers can observe major religious sites of Buddhist monasteries like the Chhairo Gompa and Jamba Gompa which remain unchanged for millennia due to the remoteness of the Mustang region. Buildings with stone-walled houses and flat roofs along with religious monasteries generally colored in red make the journey to the Mustang region even more tempting.

Largely many trekkers who come to Nepal sometimes dive away from the archetypical popular treks and choose a more exotic trek to the Mustang region or to be precise Upper Mustang. Following a trail, trekkers get to visit the exquisite sites of Jomsom & Muktinath which help make the journey to the center of the Upper Mustang more fun and aesthetic in terms of originality and pleasure. Only in Mustang can you find such striking bio-diversity which thrives in its topography which falls inside the rain shadow of Mt. Dhaulagiri.

Life here in Mustang typically revolves around tourism as a major source of its economy. And that is why before trekking there, trekkers need to get a Restricted Area Permit which grants them a clear way into its vast lands. Anyone who visits Mustang will surely never get bored as the exotic scenery tend to bewilder their mind throughout their journey inside the untouched region of Mustang. Unscathed by modern society, Mustang has been capable of defending itself away from the pollution of the developed cities with an ever-present safe haven of natural phenomena.

Being so different from its counterpart Nepalese regions, Mustang tends to enthrall its visitors with awe-inspiring treeless backgrounds & landscapes which usually is successful in igniting the heart of travelers with mesmeric spells. To sum up, the Mustang region has all those necessary elements which make it so distinguished among all of the other regions of Nepal, so it won’t be tacky when I say that if there’s any place worth traveling to in Nepal with such diverse discrepancy then Mustang might just be the one place where you should head to (at least once).

You may also like to read this travel blog: 9 REASONS YOU MUST VISIT UPPER MUSTANG ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME

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Manaslu Trek: A great walk within nature

Manaslu Trek Blog: “The land of secret trails hidden among the black clouds”

Manaslu region is a place known for its mysterious trails, is one of the most experienced packed treks in the western part of Nepal Himalayas which is situated in Gorkha District with a bordering level of Tibet. This experience trek starts from the celebrated internationally old Gorkha Kingdom in the western area of Nepal. The trek takes after upstream of the Budi-Gandaki waterway from the sub-tropical timberland to the dry Tibetan zone, offering extraordinary perspectives of Mt. Manaslu 8,156m, the eighth most astounding top on the planet alongside the display of the encompassing superb pinnacles that incorporate the fringe with Tibet.

Considered as one of the “Off the beaten treks” to Manaslu Circuit, the course proceeds with meet rough individuals of Tibetan stock. Visit conventional towns with their level established timber houses and workshops in separated Buddhist religious communities. Amid their trek trekkers can appreciate the amusing perspectives of Manaslu and witness the effectual Buri Gandaki – one of the longest, most profound, and most delightful of the colossal stream chasms of Nepal, gouging its way around Manaslu. Larkya La Pass denotes the partition between Manaslu less trekked western flanks and the Marshyangdi River valley. From the highest point of the pass, it is practically down-slope through the peaceful elevated woods and knolls till we go to the primary trail of the Annapurna circuit, subsequent to being on the fundamental track for a couple of days our trip proceeds towards Besisahar and drive back to Kathmandu.

Trekking to Manaslu with Larkya La Pass requires a unique allow with min. 2 pax on the trekking bunch. Your time here can be well spent of nights eating Daal Bhaat Tarkari, Dhedo, and Sisnu and occasionally Buffalo Sukuti with Yak meat went with the ever-present, and intense, Rice Rakshi (rice wine). An infrequent warm “Rakshi” is certainly suggested in the upper compasses of the trek — a basic help in the Abode of the Gods. The costs are to a great degree sensible, and just in Dharmsala at Larke La, you will discover the costs marginally steep. Nonnative’s aka foreigners need to procure their MCAP permit ahead of time as there are permit checkpoints on the way.

The snow crests encompass you; yaks restlessly break into a battle out of apprehension which for the most part sent me running up a tree or on a high shake. Individuals have quit saying, “Namaste” and rather merrily yell out, ‘Tashidelek’, ladies now wear brilliant smocks, and nasty nosed little lama young men skip down mountainsides in red robes. As you trek through this delightful valley past ‘Chortens’, strolling clockwise around ‘mani dividers’, going under the shadows of the gigantic noiseless masses of cloisters which house many ministers, you look West and see Manaslu at more than 8,000 meters and the eighth-most elevated mountain on the planet, it at last sinks in that you are genuinely are in the Abode of the Gods.

The well-known Everest base camp trek has turned into a packed sponsored walk and a road now goes a good deal of the way around the trite Annapurna circuit which is not thought of good times for individuals who don’t care for trekking courses over stuck with masses of visitors. Consequently, you don’t need to adhere to the most evident brand names and just take on Manaslu, the world’s eighth most elevated pinnacle, which rises just toward the east of Annapurna. In the event that you require a break or need to have an adventurous trek, then trekking around the valley may be precisely what you are searching for.

Here at Nepal Mountain Trekkers, we have packages that are designed with expertise with supportive Sherpa’s (porters) and a cook. Fore mostly, our Manaslu Circuit Trek genuinely has all the makings of an impeccable trek which is an 18-day journey, voyaging roughly 180 miles through phenomenally shifted view, around one of the best mountains on earth.

Thank you for reading our Manaslu Trek Blog!

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Everest VS Annapurna: Which trek to choose in 2024?

Everest vs Annapurna Trek which one could be the best trek for 2024?

If you are planning to trek in the beautiful mountainous country Nepal in 2024 and you are in a dilemma to choose between Everest Trek and Annapurna Trek, then this article surely helps you to decide which trek in Nepal is better for you.

There are other many trekking trails in the country too but Everest and Annapurna, without a doubt, are the two most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Many trekkers trek both Everest and Annapurna because they don’t want to miss anyone since both treks are outstanding, exhilarating, and offer a lot.

Some trekkers like Everest more whereas some like Annapurna more. It depends on personal preferences. Here we compare Everest and Annapurna considering several factors, that help you to choose your trek based on your preference. It’s up to you to choose which trek is better, not others to choose for you.


If the mountainous view is your top priority, then trekking to Everest base camp is better for you because it’s a high-altitude trek through some of the most amazing scenery of the Himalayas. People feel pride in reaching the base camp of the world’s highest mountain. You will be mesmerized getting close to Everest base camp or Gokyo Lake is surrounded by mountains all around you.

On the other hand, Annapurna has more diversity to go with its amazing views. The trek begins in the lower foothills of the Himalayas, then through terraced rice fields, oak forest, and lust rhododendrons galore. You still get to see the spectacular view of snowcapped mountains, but they are more of a constant backdrop. If you want greener and more diverse scenery, then choose the Annapurna circuit trek.

No doubt, both treks offer outstanding natural scenery.

Everest trekking trail vs Annapurna trekking trail

The trekking trail of Everest base camp is comparatively tougher than that of Annapurna. The main reason is the high altitude of the Everest trek. Trekking at high altitudes is difficult.

Getting there: Everest vs Annapurna

For the Everest camp trek, it’s easier now that one can fly from Kathmandu to the tiny airstrip of Lukla from where one can start the trek. In the past when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa were successful in reaching the summit, the only way was to walk from Kathmandu as there was no road anywhere near that place.

For the Annapurna trek, one can either travel by bus or take a short flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Pokhara, the city of lakes, is the gateway to Annapurna. You can also manage sightseeing days for beautiful Pokhara.

Cost: Everest Trek and Annapurna Trek

Everest base camp trek costs more than Annapurna because the trek is at a higher elevation and it is more luxurious as you get on the mountain. Another reason may be that Everest has a bigger brand name. Annapurna trek is affordable considering food and transportation.

Crowd during the trek

Generally, the Everest base camp trek is more crowded than Annapurna. If you are a trekker who wants a less crowded trek, then Annapurna is comparatively less crowded.

I hope this blog article helps you to decide on your trek over Everest vs Annapurna. We would like to recommend you trek both Everest and Annapurna if you have time for them because both are amazing treks. If you have done one, then consider another because both have different flavors besides similarities.