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What is Mustang Famous for?

“Serenity of treeless panorama with nonetheless authentic travel experience.”

North of the Himalayan nation, Mustang lies at a very focal point where historical & natural abundance can be found. Even though it is located inside the national territory of Nepal, Mustang has been influenced by its neighboring districts of Tibet. Therefore, it has accumulated a lot of Tibetan norms and customs from the autonomous region of Tibet. Anyway, as you can see by the nature of the topic for this blog, I have decided to share my thoughts on why the Mustang region of Nepal is so famous throughout. So, with any further delay let’s get on with it.

When we talk about Mustang, we in the general Nepalese population tend to discuss it in a very appropriate manner as possible. Straddling the Himalayas onto the Tibetan plains, one can easily find Mustang which once was a very privileged the Lo Kingdom. Simply its location becomes a major part of its mysticism which makes travelers even more enthusiastic about this place. In specialty, the Mustang region is easily a distinct part of Nepal where the terrains, landscape, topography, and ethnicity arise in accordance with Tibet. Nonetheless, it has several captivating features which include the Marshyangdi River and Kali Gandaki Canyon.

One can surely feel hypnotized by the serenity of Mustang’s vast landscape and its affectionate local people who live in a very different way than those of modern societies. The local delicacies can also become an incredible experience for travelers who like tasting and experiencing new things while their visit. Not only that but travelers can observe major religious sites of Buddhist monasteries like the Chhairo Gompa and Jamba Gompa which remain unchanged for millennia due to the remoteness of the Mustang region. Buildings with stone-walled houses and flat roofs along with religious monasteries generally colored in red make the journey to the Mustang region even more tempting.

Largely many trekkers who come to Nepal sometimes dive away from the archetypical popular treks and choose a more exotic trek to the Mustang region or to be precise Upper Mustang. Following a trail, trekkers get to visit the exquisite sites of Jomsom & Muktinath which help make the journey to the center of the Upper Mustang more fun and aesthetic in terms of originality and pleasure. Only in Mustang can you find such striking bio-diversity which thrives in its topography which falls inside the rain shadow of Mt. Dhaulagiri.

Life here in Mustang typically revolves around tourism as a major source of its economy. And that is why before trekking there, trekkers need to get a Restricted Area Permit which grants them a clear way into its vast lands. Anyone who visits Mustang will surely never get bored as the exotic scenery tend to bewilder their mind throughout their journey inside the untouched region of Mustang. Unscathed by modern society, Mustang has been capable of defending itself away from the pollution of the developed cities with an ever-present safe haven of natural phenomena.

Being so different from its counterpart Nepalese regions, Mustang tends to enthrall its visitors with awe-inspiring treeless backgrounds & landscapes which usually is successful in igniting the heart of travelers with mesmeric spells. To sum up, the Mustang region has all those necessary elements which make it so distinguished among all of the other regions of Nepal, so it won’t be tacky when I say that if there’s any place worth traveling to in Nepal with such diverse discrepancy then Mustang might just be the one place where you should head to (at least once).

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