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Join Rara Lake Trek: Experience a slice of heaven in real!

Have you made some images of heaven something like; a place where nature seems to be at its best, the most beautiful and serene place where happiness dwells, and the place where you forget everything else. This matches the description when someone describes Rara Lake, the blue gem of Nepal and a paradise for bird watchers. Rara Lake is a blue watered lake with a tranquil environment, absolutely breathtaking scenery with the Himalayas and lush mountains watching their reflection in the clear waters of the lake and sweet chirps of birds buzzing the environment. Located at the center of Rara National Park, the smallest national park of Nepal, and surrounded by a green forest of fir, cedar, pine, and spruce, Rara Lake can be reached from Kathmandu. Be a part of Rara Lake Trek to visit this wonderland in Nepal, a less visited trekking destination.

You just can’t describe the beauty of this majestic lake, magnificence beyond description and tranquility capable to take you to another world. Besides the beauty of Rara Lake, you have several other reasons to go for the Rara Lake Trek. Some of the strong reasons to visit this trekking destination are given below:

Rara Lake is itself a reason!
As the name of the trek goes, Rara Lake is in itself a reason to go for a trek. The largest Lake in Nepal, the beauty of this lake, and tranquility of the environment, and the diversity of flora, fauna, and wild lives make a strong cause for a trek. You will be mesmerized by the blue waters of Rara Lake ringed by alpine meadows of pine and juniper trees. You have to be right in front of the lake to get a sense of the marvel and preciousness of this lake; words don’t suffice enough for its description. Go for Rara; heaven is a myth, Rara is real!

Solitude and tranquility
Though this is one of the most beautiful trekking destinations in Nepal, this trekking destination is one of the less-visited destinations. Partly the reason is its remote location and the other reasons may be due to lack of proper promotion by the concerned authorities. However, this is an opportunity for you where you have the trail all by yourself most of the time, far from the hustle and bustle of cities. In contrast to the constant stream of trekkers that number in thousands in the Everest and Annapurna regions, this destination provides solitude to the trekkers. You shall have amazing landscape and scattered settlements as your companion.

Rich and Diverse wildlife
This trek takes you through the landscape rich in diverse wildlife, flora, and fauna. Home to more than 1074 floral and faunal species, Rara Lake Trek takes you through coniferous woods, rhododendron, dark junipers, oak, Himalayan cypress, and west Himalayan spruce beside the rare animals including the Himalayan Thar, Red Panda, Himalayan Dark Bear, panther jackal, and numerous others. And with so diverse nature you just can’t miss this natural treasure.

Spectacular Landscape
Besides the majestic lake and the numerous varieties of wildlife, flora, and fauna, the landscape during the journey is equally spectacular. The magnificent Himalayas overlooking the trail, rolling hills, and lush valleys, and the contrasts of color due to flowers, hills, Himalayas, and terrains make you amused. The natural beauty and allure of the trekking trail are fairly intact as the outer world hasn’t much affected the landscape and lifestyle of the inhabitants. This walk in the time-forgotten trail gives you a taste of raw natural beauty.

Authentic culture and friendly locals
The trekking trail of Rara Lake Trek hasn’t seen much the ills of modern life and still maintained the authentic lifestyle, culture and tradition are there for ages. You can have a closer look at this lifestyle and explore the culture and tradition in this difficult terrain. Moreover, the locals in this trek display unparalleled hospitality and warmth while greeting their guests. You can also get to experience the hospitality in a village dominated by the settlement of the Brahmin and Chhetri community and get to know more about their culture.

Don’t wait much and go for experiencing the grandeur of nature, a slice of heaven, and a paradise of bird watching. Put on your boots and experience the wilderness!