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A wonderful challenge with a great company

Being the wrong side of 70 the only thing left on my bucket list was to see Mount Everest. I noticed that Nepal Mountain Trekkers did a trek up to the Hotel Everest View which was just what I wanted. Well. I chose the right company. Ramesh and his team are very experienced and they are also lovely people. Right from the outset Ramesh was brilliant. He planned my trek and always promptly answered all my questions. I was going to hire a duffel bag, sleeping bag and quilt jacket but they happened to have spares so lent me those. He couldn’t have done more to help. My guide Suman met me at the airport on arrival and nobody could have looked after me better during the whole experience. When plans went slightly awry ie. cancelled flights Suman was always able to come up with the best alternatives. He is a lovely man, he carried my bags all the way, and couldn’t have looked after me better. I’ve had a wonderful challenging experience and I thank Nepal Mountain Trekkers for it.