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Great services! A company you can trust

I had a very good experience with Nepal mountain trekkers, the entire booking was done via email and Ramesh managed to design a trip that exactly fit my needs. always with a prompt reply to my emails The first couple of days went as plan until I started facing problems with one of the domestic flights that I had to catch during my trip, after spending hours at the airport the airline canceled my flight and since I had a very tight schedule, the cancellation of the flight caused a major disruption in my trip. My guide contacted Ramesh and he immediately started to work trying to fix the mess caused by the airline, he went above and beyond addressing all my new requests. So my experience with Nepal mountain trekkers couldn’t be better, it is for sure a company you can trust, when everything goes as plan is great, but when things get wrong is when you see who you can count with, and Ramesh was there supporting me all the time.