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Mindblowing experience!

NMT is a professional agency when it comes to adventure and trekking in Nepal. Owner Ramesh is a warmhearted person that listens to your wishes and provides alternatives you probably wouldn’t have come up with. Above that he also takes good care of his personnel and the area you go to. You can choose if you want him to arrange everything on your trip (like food, housing, etc), or that you want some freedom in there. Our preference is in the latter. In dialogue with Ramesh we decided to do the less popular, more adventurous Mardi Himal trekking in the Annapurna Mountain Region. It turned out to be everything an adventurous trekking is supposed to be. Actually, it was even more than that!

We left for a 2 week trekking with our porter Amar, who in the beginning was a bit quiet. Later on, he turned out to be a wonderful entertainer and a very considerate person when we needed some extra care. The trekking was an unforgettable experience through the wild, pristine and amazing nature of Nepal, combined with the life in the mountains. The only glitch in the trekking was that sometimes we had a tough schedule for the day and the trekking was meant to reach the next destination. Doing this trekking in more days – slowed down – will provide you to more fully enjoy the beautiful surrounding and breathe the atmosphere. The fact that you stay in quite some places without wifi or electricity really makes you escape the demands and pressures of our wired, western world! A highly recommended experience at a heartedly recommended agency.