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Tara & Antoine from Montreal, in the Himalayas

With the Great help and knowledge of Ramesh from NMT, I have experienced this beautiful Trek and discovered other parts of Himalayans mountains during a 16 Day journey, starting from Jiri, with an excellent guide named Tara.

This an excellent way to keep in shape, meet wonderful local people, eat organic food (Dhal Bat Takari…), discover remote and amazing landscapes, encounter wildlife, colourful plants, and feel the energy of continuous rivers & waterfalls.

I suggest you to choose the right time to go trekking in the Himalayas, since the weather can greatly alter your experience with the mountains. I was here in November, we had clear skyes everyday, so we had the opportunity to have clear vistas on the many imposing mountains that form this unique region on Planet Earth.

Tara, Ramesh, and all Nepalese and foreigners I met during this trip have provided me an unparalled experience with discovering Nepal. I highly recommend to travel either alone or as a couple This is the best way to meet and share with others.

Nepalese people, examplified by people at NMT, are happy, sincere, honest, hardworking, proud, outreaching, and most of all Unique. You won’t find any other Culture like Nepal anywhere else on Earth. There is also in Kathmandu lot’s of good restaurants, my favourite Indian food.