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Top guiding company

Our guide TB was recommended to us by an Australian friend and we had an amazing time in the care of TB and Nepal Mountain Trekkers. I’ve read other review that say how accommodating and professional TB is, and it is true he has an amazing professional and personal approach to his business of caring for and guding his clients. Special thanks to Krishna and Tuley too for taking care of the whole family constantly.

We arrived in Nepal with nothing but boots and having not told Nepal Mountain Trekkers how long we thought to trek, where we wanted to go, etc. Were assisted in every aspect from buying and renting gear to flights, deciding routes that suited us, jeeps, and of course the customary accommodation and meal concierge service at each “hotel” each day.

What started as a possible 7-10 day trip ended up being about 18 days, covered close to 200km and crossed Thorongla Pass which is higher than we thoughts we would be able to manage with the careful preparation of the team. And back in Kathmandu the company has their own hotel in Thamel which is very comfortable and surprisingly quiet, and the food is great too.