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Unforgettable journey into Upper Mustang by horse and mountain bike.

Our group of five set off from Jomson for a 16 day horse and mountain bike trek into Upper Mustang. To call it an extraordinary journey is an understatement! Every day we rode through dramatic landscapes, passing villages and farms, crossing mountain passes, the Himalayas forming a stunning backdrop. After the ride we would check into a traditional tea house, then explore the local monastery before relaxing over a delicious meal. We had a jeep to transport our gear and sometimes the bikes (where necessary). This made everything very easy. Mustang is changing due to the road that has been built, but we still felt part of a timeless place. It was a huge privilege to be there. Our trek was led by the well known Nepali guide TB. It’s hard to put words to what he offered us – insights into places and people, practical advice, kindness, plus lots of fun (and some great curries). Our horseman Lukla accompanied us on foot. He never stopped looking out for our safety and had a close and caring bond with the ponies. The traditional saddles covered with a cushion and layer of carpet were surprisingly comfortable!
After the horse trek we moved to the Annapurna area to visit the rhododendron forests. That was unforgettable as well. Back in Kathmandu we were looked after by Suman in the NMT office – another skilled and caring person We would heartily recommend the company and the team. They accommodated us in Green Horizon Hotel while in Kathmandu and the place became a home away from home.