Looking for Short Treks? Have a Look into Ghandruk

Short Ghandruk Trek? Are you looking for short treks in Nepal? If yes, then join Ghandruk Trek in the popular Annapurna region of Nepal that starts from the naturally blessed scenic lake city of Pokhara.

This trek can be completed in just a couple of days, which is a perfect choice for all travel lovers with a tight schedule and being a comparatively easy trek, Ghandruk is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Nayapul is the starting point of Ghandruk Trek where we arrive after 2 hours of drive from Pokhara. Then slowly after just an hour of walking through the beautiful trails, beautiful views of snow-capped Annapurna Himalayas starts to appear.

Along with awesome up-close views of Annapurna Himalayan Range and Machhapuchre Himal, we get the golden opportunity to explore the beautiful culturally rich village of Gurungs and Magars. Most of the males from local settlements have a history of serving as brave Gurkha soldiers at the Indian Army/ British Gurkha Army.

During few nights of stay at these villages, you will have an idea that if there are stone-paved stairs, then there must be Gurung settlement nearby. Climbing these stairs can be a bit challenging but as you breathe fresh Himalayan air with awesome views of the Himalayas and landscapes, it becomes a worthwhile experience.

Ghandruk has well-developed trails, tea houses with all basic services on offer and you will surely be left with many more memories to cherish after completing this short and easy trek. Happy Trekking in 2021!