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Perfection in Staff . Tamang and Langtang trek

Before we arrived in Nepal i already oriented on what we would want and didnt want in a trek. I wrote down some companies to visit when in Kathmandu but then i met Suman ( his trekking company was at the the hotel where we stayed and not on my initial list) and I took a leap of trust and didnt look further : i let him arrange our trek. And am i glad i did:

‘We’ are are a mother and her ten year old son, so we had specific wishes (‘low and slow’) and we needed a guide and a porter with a lot of patience.

Suman listened well to our wishes , went to work and teamed us up with a guide which couldnt have been better for us: TB is friendly, professional, safety oriented . I am a physician myself and i found his level of preparedness impressive.

I think his greatest asset however was psychological: he sees exactly what each person needs (or doesnt need).

We took a 16 day trek, first Tamang , then Lantang. In all those days i not once saw TB impatient, and he kept looking out for our welfare. He didnt push when that would be the easy thing to do, but he checked what would be the best for us. He stepped into some guesthouses kitchen to help them out if that would mean a step up in hygiene. He adjusted the itinerary seamlessly when it became clear that my slow really meant slow. He put a new meaning to the word relaxed when we were to say ‘a bit quirky’. He coached my ten year old from a complete non-sporty to a more self reliant pre teen. He waited when we lagged. He even laughed at our silly jokes.

We could not have gotten a better guide for our trek and i would highly, highly recommend TB for your trek.

We had a great porter Mingmar who hauled our bag , filled our bottles, checked the rooms to make sure we didnt forget ( we sound a bit like complete morons now, mingmar was so super service minded not to mention speedy: he often brought our bag to the next point and then came back to see if he needed to do something else to make our trekking life easier)

All-in-all the team of Nepal Mountain Trekkers took us under their wings, and took extremely good care of us, while we were having a complete blast. This team is highly recommended.