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Personal and professional

I booked two treks with Nepal mountain Trekkers, the Manaslu circuit and the Upper Mustang. It fitted perfectly in my traveling schedule. Suman arranged everything perfectly.

Let’s start with the Manaslu circuit, I had a great guide called Mod. He was very kind and it was a true pleasure to trek with him through the mountains. However due the heavy rainfalls we had to turn around. Safety first. Mod was very helpful and professional in rearranging the trip back down. Mother Nature is the boss and we only can anticipate!

The upper Mustang. Wow, what a track. I was with a fellow traveler and that was a great fit. The guide Sabin was very professional and kind. It was a true pleasure to spend this time in one of the most beautiful areas of Nepal with him and the my fellow traveler. Everything was perfectly arranged.

Thank you! 🙏