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"Staff Nepal mountain Trekkers at Dipawali"

The mystical of the Nepalese Dipawali and the hidden wonderland Bhutan

I met Ramesh Dhakal 4 years ago when I was looking for a hotel. His clean travel agency “Nepal Mountain Trekkers” and his businesslike behavior left a very good impression on me. He also recommended the Hotel Horizon, which stands right behind his office. We sometimes had tea together and I told him about my previous trekks in Nepal in 1978.
I decided then, despite the high price to make a Bhutan tour, as a gift for my pension. As the Dipawali party approached, the appointment was very close, but Ramesh did everything to make the impossible come true. In Paro I was picked up by a driver at the airport. He was driver as well as guide and took me to all the sights. These were many Buddhist temples, monasteries and of course the well-known Paro-Taktsang monastery (Tiger’s nest) on a rock. The beautiful houses and the gentle landscapes had a special appeal. The guide was very friendly and spoke good English. The hotels were very good and the flight along the many mountains an experience. Back in Kathmandu I was driven back to the Hotel Horizon.
In November, the big, colorful Hindu festival Dipawali (Festival of Lights) took place. I celebrated this first at the hotel with the staff and Ramesh. The entrances were decorated with a colorful circle of powder and a string of lights made of oil lamps and candles showed the way into the house. Later, I celebrated at home with Ramesh and his family. His sisters painted a multicolored Tika on our foreheads and decorated us with garlands. After that we exchanged small presents. That was something very special and remains unforgettable. It was almost like Christmas with all the happy people on the streets.
I highly recommend Ramesh Dhakal with “Nepal Mountain Trekkers” and his people. They are all well trained and very friendly. Also the hotel Horizon was good